Andrew Peck is retired. This website is an historical document only. We believe the articles and observations have value.

Why We're Here

Andrew Peck, 2004

We are Andrew Peck and Chloe Dresser, together over 20 years, parents raising children in Woodstock, New York, and partners in Woodstock’s real estate brokerage. We love our work. It gives us the opportunity to help many clients with a most important decision, which is both a financial and an emotional one. We also enjoy providing a friendly and productive workplace for the 20 real estate agents who work with our firm. This satisfying work provides a good living in a most wonderful town – we can’t ask for anything more!

Both Chloe and I come to this profession from other careers. We are both available at any time for consultation with any of the buyers and sellers who work with our firm. Our original home page contains a statement of the goals of our website and of our business principles that are central to our satisfaction.

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