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Steps in purchasing a home

Customs in Ulster County

 Customs vary widely in different parts of the country as to how real estate transactions are handled. Even if you’re experienced in purchasing real estate, it is valuable for you to be familiar with the customs of our area. We advise following the customary procedures unless there is an important reason not to.

As a typical example, the initial presentation of the offer in some locales is made verbally. Here it is not, and we advise against it. An offer made verbally only, without a written binder or contract proffered, is the exception, and is therefore may be viewed with suspicion and often is not taken seriously. It raises the question of why the prospective buyer could not be bothered to fill out a written offer and make a small refundable deposit, typically 1%. When I am advising sellers who receive such an offer, I suggest they do not take it too seriously, and not counter to it unless and until the buyers put their offer in writing. This is just based on experience -- that verbal offers have most often come from buyers who do not actually complete the purchase.


  1. Preparation
    1. The State Mandated Forms You Will Encounter
    2. Finding the right home
    3. Selecting a buyer’s agent
    4. Why retain a Buyer’s Agent
    5. Obtaining a pre-qualification from a lender
    6. Selecting other professionals you may need
    7. Closing cost for buyers
  2.  Making an offer

    A. Understanding the binder contract
    B. Negotiating the offer
    C. Understanding the Auction Process - Andrew Peck, ©September 2003

  3. When you have an accepted offer
    1. Inspections
    2. Getting a mortgage
    3. Walkthrough and closing

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