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     I hope it doesn't sound too frighteningly unprofessional to say that I have never written, nor even read, a resume until now at age fifty!  When I dropped out of college in 1969 I became a waitress.  With only a year's hiatus of traveling and street
singing in Europe and Morocco, waiting tables was my "career" for the next ten years.  I loved it.  I was an actress in a real-life situation and well paid for it!
     When my first child reached school age, I realized that, working nights, I would never get much time with her.  I found a little, fledgling private school in Woodstock where I was
welcomed and encouraged to participate.  I went back to school to get a BA in philosophy and Montessori training and became a teacher.  Twenty two years and two more children later, I
decided that it was time for a change, and agreed to join Teran Realty, my partner's real estate firm.
     Nothing like a brand new career!  I have always loved houses.  My partner and I currently own nine dwellings
Among them a tipi on the Hudson River, 
a beach cottage on Northumberland Strait in Nova Scotia, 
A mountaintop cabin far into the forest in Woodstock,
and the hand hewn logs of a future log cabin.  Visit my own
little website "A Place in the Woods: Unique Cabins and
Retreats around the World For Sale or Rent,"
     Having newly discovered the Internet, I have a voracious appetite for searching for everything!  If you're looking for a home, I have the energy and enthusiasm to search for and help you find the one that's right for you.  If you want to sell your home, please visit our four star website to check out our most valuable marketing tool:

Thank you,
Chloe Dresser


  Six years and several millions of dollars in sales later, I am happy to say that I still love my job! A couple of years ago my teenaged son said to me "I feel sorry for you, that you have such a boring job." I was thrilled to be able to respond "Boring??! Are you kidding? My job is one adventure after another! I get to meet and make friends with all kinds of fascinating new people every week. We embark together on a real life treasure hunt, driving all around the beautiful countryside seeking the perfect home for them. When we find it we enter into the next phase of negotiating for the opportunity to buy the property with the best possible terms. This is a game or a dance with all of the complexities of a chess game. When we finally succeed on closing the deal, I get paid well for my time, my new friends are thrilled to have their new home and I have the satisfaction of having been instrumental in helping them to get there. Couldn't get better than that!

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A place in the woods

"Ard-Na-Ri." cottage at the Onteora Club, circa 1970

     My first "Place in the Woods" was this little cabin in the Catskill Mountains.  Although it was part of a prestigious, upper middle class country club, it was charmingly rustic.  We had no electric until 1966 and I remember when the phone number was simply a double digit.  The deep, dark woods were a wonderful refuge from my crazy, intellectual mother.  It was to this cabin that I retreated from the world in 1971.

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