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We are Realtors in Woodstock, NY who are also "cabin buffs".  We love rustic, cool, old cabins in the woods.  We currently own six, and a house that feels like one.  This website came into being partly to establish a network of like-minded people around the world.  We have been searching the internet and found mostly a lot of "Honeymoon Cabins with Jacuzzi and TV", not what we are looking for at all!  But we  have come up with some cool stuff too.  Originally we were just going to put on rustic cabins in the woods, but the way this is evolving we are including any kind of unique or unusual properties.
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Here is what we have come up with so far.



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*A Place in the Woods  is a wonderful book written by Helen Hoover in 1969.  It chronicles how she and her husband, "leaving behind everything that was familiar to them, bridged the infinite distance in life-style from Chicago, where they had lived, to a cabin home on the fringe of Minnesota's northernmost wilderness."  We have one copy and are desperately searching for another!!  Also by Helen Hoover, The Gift of the Deer  and The Long Shadowed Forest were recently reprinted.

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