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Here's the serene cabin on Yerry Hill Road about to be demolished for the front yard of a large new contemporary being built (Visible in backround, upper right).
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Because of its size, we had to separate the cabin into parts and move each. This is the "Living Room" on the lowboy trailer ready to roll, awaiting the certified escort required becuase of the size.

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This is the "Summer Kitchen" passing the Woodstock Village Green en route to its new home.

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Chloe's Lake' will be the new home of the cabin, surrounded by 25 acres of meadows and woods. On the far side is a Sioux Tipi partly hidden by evergreens.

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Saving an Antique Cabin
Chloe Dresser

For years I have driven by a charming, rustic old cabin on Yerry Hill Road. It reminded me of the cabin in which I had spent my summers when I was a child; which always seemed like my REAL home, and was how I got to Woodstock twenty five years ago. Suddenly last summer there appeared a brand new house looming right behind the cabin. "Those poor people! "
I pointed it out to Andrew, my partner and also a cabin buff. We currently own six cabins and our home, which feels like one. He cited setback requirements and determined that it must be the owners who were building the house. So one Sunday morning we stopped by and found the owner at home. Yes, it was hers. It was almost two hundred years old and she was sick about tearing it down, but she was looking forward to moving to Woodstock and needed a house she could live in year round. She was thrilled when we offered to move it instead.
At that point we weren't even sure where to put it, but shortly thereafter we went to contract to buy twenty five acres in Saugerties with a 1 1/2 acre lake which we had been leasing for the last few years, another story. . .
So we're committed, in the process of moving it, covering and securing it until next spring when we can clear a spot by the lake and restore it. The move and restoration process will be reported and documented with photos on this site as it happens.

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