Closing costs for a buyer can include:

1. Attorney $375 - $700+ 

2. Title insurance depends on cost of home $400 min for $35,000. and goes up from there. Here's a link to the actual cost of title insurance in New York: 

3. Inspections $300. to $600.+| 

4. Bank fees can run 2% to 5%+ of the mortgage amount. 

5. Survey if needed. $600. and up depends acreage. 100 acres could be more than $2000. 

6. Filing the deed. about $50. Also sometimes included in "Closing costs" because you must pay for them at closing, 

7. Hazard insurance. $350. - $600.+ 

8. Prorata Property taxes for the balance of the tax year and payment to the seller for fuel or other personal property on the premises. . Tax amount depends on the property and the time of year.

Except for #8 these are actually optional, if you were not borrowing money to purchase the property. But skipping some of them would be risky.


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