Letter from a Visitor Who Didn't Like Our Website at All

Sent: Friday, October 06, 2000

From: pekoe To: Realtor@teranrealty.com

Subject: your web site

 if i were to choose a broker from their web site, it clearly would not be  your company. you seem more interested in soapbox politics than real  estate. your over-enthusiatic (sic) need to reassure your web visitors how ethical  and upright you are makes one suspicious about why you feel that need. why  make such a strong statement in this matter? are there people out there  accusing you of un-ethical behavior and are you defending yourself? also,  no need to inform the public about your controversies and conflicts with  other brokers or organizations. your assumption that someone might be  interested is a grand gesture of a grand ego.

(Letter was unsigned, we deleted sender's email address to respect his/her privacy - My guess is that this letter did not come from the distaff side)

 Our Reply:

Saturday October 7th 2000

Dear pekoe,

I appreciate your comments, and your taking the time to write. And I can understand your take on it.

In regard to my articles about litigation, free speech, and ethics on our Website, let me say this: In my experience there seems to be a great deal of misbehavior not only in real estate, but banking, law, and I suppose, most activities where substantial money is involved. Please don't mistake, this is not a cynical attitude, just an observation. Our visitors and clients should know about these issues, as they impact many who buy and own real estate. Yes, I am proud of my successes, however small.

One can't please all the people all the time -- though in your case, apparently our website has at least given you information helpful in selecting a broker.

Andrew Peck

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