June 5, 1998
Mr. Andrew Peck
Teran Realty
74 Mill Hill Road
Woodstock, NY 12498

Dear Mr. Peck:

We have received your fifty-five grievances for assessment review. Unfortunately, once again, you have failed to attach any proof to the fifty-five grieving properties. We did find the multiple listing sold properties packet which, as the Board personally explained to you last year when you basically followed the same procedure, is not acceptable. As you are aware, you must be familiar with the subject properties and offer "some" explanation. Your incomplete submission, as it currently stands, prevents the Board from reviewing each case and, where appropriated, reducing property owners' assessments.
To establish the value of the complainant's property, commonly recognized methods are:

1) Professional appraisals of the property
2) Purchase price of the property, if recent and at arm's length
3) Purchase price of comparable properties recently sold, if at arm's length
4) Offering price of complainant's property, if recently offered for sale
5) Cost of construction, if recently built, plus site value
6) Rental information, if property is rented
7) income and expense information, if property is commercial/industrial
8) Town Assessor's current appraisal of comparable property

We should also point out that, to date, the manner in which these grievances are presented may appear to some that it is meant to move the process to a higher level without doing the necessary work for examination by the Board of Assessment Review. The Town of Woodstock takes these cases seriously aand will. vigorously defend all actions brought.

Please note that we have identified the aforementioned properties numerically, and any information received must refer to the properties by the grievance hearing numbers assigned.

We hope to receive information on these grievances that will allow us to give each complainant the fair consideration they deserve. We will accept additional detailed information from you or any property owner you represent during the week- of June 8, up to 4:00 PM, Friday, June 12", 1998.

Ralph Gone, Chairman

Board of Assessment Review

cc: Fifty-five Grievance Applicants

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