To the editor of the Woodstock Times:

Modocs, Meet the Dumbclucks

The Ulster County Legislature took the cake last week for uninformed decision making. 

1. The legislature approved an agreement to let the Modoc Tribe (Carpetbaggers from Oklahoma, apparently) open a casino in Wawarsing. 

2. One legislator [who voted for it] said: "The entire process is problematical and most likely will not come to fruition."

3. All Republican Legislators voted for the casino. Republican county legislator Edward Jennings, of Wawarsing said, "I didn't have a clue. . I didnít like the way we did it.. It was done much too fast. . . " and, "Frank Murray [County Attorney] said "It is a good document so we went ahead and passed it. But it doesnít mean anything." [WHAT'S THAT AGAIN?] At least credit to him for admitting to be clueless! The legislature is offering sell it's soul for the illusion of quick bucks from a most destructive endeavor. 

Andrew Peck 

Woodstock, New York