The Paths of the Laotians’ Cross Dresser’s
 2005 Update

The original 1995 article in the Woodstock Times ran:

 “In 1980, I sponsored a young Laotian family so they could escape confinement in a Thai refugee camp and come to America.  The father, Vilay, was bright and mechanically gifted and within months was making good money as a partner in my construction firm.          

Together we soon bought land and built a home for their family.  Since a mortgage was not an option for them, I put in time and money in return for a half interest in the home.          

Although prospering, after a few Woodstock winters – never before having endured snow – they longed for the climate of their homeland.  About that time one of my tenants, Chloe Dresser, asked me if I knew of any home she could buy with a small inheritance.           

To make a long story short, Chloe bought Vilay’s half interest, Vilay took his family to Louisiana and used his capital to buy a shrimp boat.  By the time of closing, Chloe and I had fallen in love, and still are, with 2 children of our own.”  

Update for 2005          

In 2003, I received a call from Vilay in Georgia, who had found a great buy on a home for his family, but didn’t have the credit established to purchase it.   Fortunately, I was able to help him buy it.  In October 2004, he decided to take his family to Florida and was able to sell his home for a $60,000. profit.          

Last summer, I bought a home in need of immediate renovation here near Woodstock.  I called Vilay, and he and his wife came up for a couple of weeks to help out.  We had a joyous reunion after more than 2 decades.