Our 2004 Real Estate Guide for Sellers

Goal for this Guide:

     To help anyone selling a home to understand how to maximize the benefits from a sale, how to avoid pitfalls and scams so common to real estate transactions, and that commissions are negotiable. Not included here are homes for sale: Almost all buyers look to either the internet or a Realtor for up to date information, since in todayís market, print advertising is out of date by the time itís read.

     Here are a few of the articles in our 2004 (print) newsletter. If you'd like a copy, let us know and we'll mail you one.

New Approach to Real Estate Commissions

Boon to sellers as of January 2004

Broker's Saga: Winning a "Bidding War" Can be Dear

Advice to Sellers: Beware the "in House" Listing

Size Matters? Do You Need the Biggest Broker?

The Laotians' Paths Cross Dresser's -- 2004 Update

The Realtor's Job: Understanding the Auction Process